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Endodontic therapy is commonly referred to as root canal treatment or a root canal, and it is a restorative dental procedure that treats an infected tooth root. Symptoms of an infected tooth that needs root canal treatment can be a large cavity, a lost dental filling or persistent pain in a tooth or in the gums. If left untreated, the pain can grow worse or the tooth may change color. We offer a review of how an endodontic procedure is used to repair an infected tooth to prevent tooth extraction and other issues.

Performing a root canal procedure typically requires two separate visits to restore the tooth to its original health. First, our dentist may need to take a few dental X-rays to evaluate the severity of the infection before we remove the excess tooth enamel in order to access the infection in the tooth. With the infected material removed, we can restore the root structure and replace it with a medical material called gutta-percha.

The next step is to create an abutment to support a permanent dental crown. We will create an impression of the tooth and surrounding area prior to placing a temporary crown so that a dental laboratory can custom craft the permanent crown.

During your second appointment, we take off the temporary crown and use a powerful dental cement to secure the permanent crown in place. Your restored tooth can last for many more years with proper care, enhancing the health of your smile.

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