The Benefits of Mouthwash

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You probably already realize what wonders brushing and flossing can do for your oral health. Have you ever thought about going above and beyond in your oral hygiene routine and adding mouthwash? If so, this can be an easy and wonderful way to boost your tooth health. But before you begin, Lee F. Peterson DDS would like to offer you some important details.

There are two major types of mouthwash: therapeutic and cosmetic. Therapeutic mouthwash has active ingredients which are designed to kill bacteria and battle tooth decay, plaque, gum disease, tartar and bad breath. Cosmetic mouthwash will only rid you of bad breath for a time and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.

When searching for the right mouthwash, Dr. Lee F. Peterson suggests that you seek out therapeutic mouthwash that has American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance on the label. This seal guarantees that the mouthwash has been tested and really does what it claims to do.

If you are sensitive to the effects of alcohol, you may want to consider choosing a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. Since many do, you may want to do some research on the right brand before you go the store to purchase it.

To use mouthwash successfully, pour a small amount into your mouth and rinse for about 60 seconds, then spit it out into the sink. Do not ever swallow mouthwash. This can create stomach issues. If you have children under the age of six, you’ll want to keep your mouthwash in a safe place where they can’t access it.

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