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Your oral health is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy body, but one of the things people often overlook is the importance of removing – and preventing – tartar buildup. If you let tartar build up on your teeth, you put them at risk for infection, decay, and even gum disease.

But what is tartar, and why is it such a big deal? Let’s answer that question.

What is it?

Tartar is simply hardened plaque. When you don’t brush your teeth for a few days, the debris in your mouth builds up into plaque and accumulates along your gum line. When it hardens, it’s impossible to remove unless done so by a trained dental expert – like the ones we have here at Lee F. Peterson DDS in Hanford, California. They can remove the bacteria and debris that actively work to harm your overall oral health.

How is it removed?

Tartar is removed with a process called scaling. This involves the use of sharp instruments to scrape the plaque from your teeth, and out from near your gum line. This rids your teeth and gums of all the bacteria present in tartar, which also throws out the potential for infection and tooth decay.

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