Oral Health Care Halloween Reminders

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If you need any help with your oral health this Halloween, remember there are numerous habits and choices you can make to increase your chance of oral health success. A lot of your focus should be centered around treats and sweets, as they are often some of the biggest oral health offenders this time of year.

As an attempt to limit the sugary sweets that you consume this holiday season, opt for healthier options. Furthermore, for the sweets that you do consume, make sure they are not highly acidic, excessively hard, or sticky and chewy, as all these forms can easily damage your teeth and gums.

Make sure you are disposing of all the additional candies after the holiday so that you do not continue to snack on them for weeks on end. The longer that hazardous products are in contact with your teeth, the greater your risk and rate for tooth decay. After Halloween is over, dispose of all of the leftover candy. For additional help, visit your dentist for a routine check-up and oral examination.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us to at 559-584-8129, or stop by our office in Hanford, California. From Dr. Lee F. Peterson and our team at Lee F. Peterson DDS, we wish you a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!