Maintain a Happy Smile with Dentures

We want you to be thankful for your smile this holiday season. However, accidents do arise, and numerous individuals may be left with oral accidents or injuries that have left them with missing or lost teeth. If you have lost any teeth or are scheduled for a tooth extraction to remove damaged or broken ones,… Read more »

Oral Health Care Halloween Reminders

If you need any help with your oral health this Halloween, remember there are numerous habits and choices you can make to increase your chance of oral health success. A lot of your focus should be centered around treats and sweets, as they are often some of the biggest oral health offenders this time of… Read more »

The Benefits of Mouthwash

You probably already realize what wonders brushing and flossing can do for your oral health. Have you ever thought about going above and beyond in your oral hygiene routine and adding mouthwash? If so, this can be an easy and wonderful way to boost your tooth health. But before you begin, Lee F. Peterson DDS… Read more »

Chipped Teeth Are at Increased Risk of Suffering from Additional Tooth Decay

There are several things capable of carrying enough force to chip a tooth or cause a minor dental fracture. When this happens the compromised area of tooth enamel can cause minor sensitivity problems, cosmetic complications, and potential long-term tooth decay problems. Even if the chipped tooth doesn’t cause immediate distress the compromised area of tooth… Read more »

A Complete Denture Can Help Restore the Basic Function of Teeth Compromised by Severe Gum Disease

If gum disease is allowed to progress, the periodontal inflammation can cause pockets of infection to develop near the roots of your teeth. This can significantly weaken the teeth and even cause a loss of healthy bone structure in your jaw. As time goes on this can leave you with a mouth full of compromised… Read more »

Tips on How to Rock a Pristine Breath

Having bad breath can make social situations quite awkward and embarrassing. Although many do their best to avoid this situation as much as possible, sometimes bad breath can be stubborn and refuse to leave. If you have trouble with bad breath, our dentist, Dr. Lee F. Peterson, can help you rock a pristine breath by… Read more »

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Root canals are essential because if the pulp of a tooth is infected, you could end up losing the entire tooth. The pulp of a tooth, which is a soft area within a tooth that contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and the nerve endings, can be repaired and the tooth can be sealed for a… Read more »

Teething Treatments

Although teething is a normal part of childhood, it can be painful. However, it can be treated. For more information about teething, see below: – If when your child starts running a fever or develops rashes that cannot be attributed to anything else, she should be treated as soon as possible. – Symptoms of teething… Read more »

What Are the Best Tooth-Brushing Techniques to Clean My Smile?

In order to have a complete and successful oral hygiene routine, you need to brush your teeth twice a day—every morning and every night. However, this task is only effective if you brush properly. But if you use Dr. Lee F. Peterson’s tips and instructions, you can have the clean and healthy smile you need…. Read more »

The Basics of Understanding Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are common and can cause your smile some pain. That is why, our team here at Lee F. Peterson DDS in Hanford, California, is happy to help you understand your wisdom teeth, and what you can do if they begin to appear on you. Your smile goes through many different stages in your… Read more »