Dr. Lee F. Peterson and our team love to see young patients at our office. We believe healthy dental habits should begin at a young age, and we have provided kid-friendly learning materials to get our youngest patients interested in caring for their teeth. We also encourage parents to schedule regular dental checkups with our dentist in Hanford, California. Please contact us today to learn more!

Click on Activity Ideas Below

Tooth Anatomy
How to Brush
Smile Power Calendar
Youth Health Smile Certificate
Teen Healthy Smile Certificate
How to FLoss
Crossword Puzzle
Find the Difference
Coloring Sheet
Connect the Dots
Word Scramble
Secret Message Code
Connect 4 Game
Tooth Anatomy
Fill in the Blanks
How to Brush
Count and Color
How to Floss
Decode Message
Food Pyramid
Attack Paque
Complete the Story
Visiting the Dentist
Word Search