Chipped Tooth Enamel Needs Professional Treatment

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Sometimes a chipped tooth doesn’t cause any immediate distress or discomfort. Some people will even attempt to live with newly developed sensitivity in a fractured tooth, and forgo professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Lee F. Peterson.

However, this could eventually lead to a severe cavity developing in the tooth or an increased chance of suffering a far more severe dental fracture. So, it’s always a good idea to have a chipped or fractured tooth examined and treated as soon as possible.
After a professional assessment Dr. [doctor_anme] will help you understand the best method for treating the affected tooth.

Sometimes a composite or amalgam dental filling can be used to seal the void in the tooth enamel. This mode of treatment involves him numbing the tooth before removing a miniscule amount of additional tooth enamel.

Once the surface texture has been prepared he can apply the dental filling material directly to the tooth. After some minor shaping and adjustments your new dental filling will blend seamlessly with the existing tooth enamel.

At this point Dr. Lee F. Peterson will harden and bond it to the local tooth enamel with a special ultraviolet light. With good oral hygiene habits you can expect the treated tooth to last for many years.

If you live in the Hanford, California, area and you have recently chipped one of your front teeth, you should not delay in calling 559-584-8129 to have it examined and treated at Lee F. Peterson DDS.