Chipped Teeth Are at Increased Risk of Suffering from Additional Tooth Decay

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There are several things capable of carrying enough force to chip a tooth or cause a minor dental fracture. When this happens the compromised area of tooth enamel can cause minor sensitivity problems, cosmetic complications, and potential long-term tooth decay problems.

Even if the chipped tooth doesn’t cause immediate distress the compromised area of tooth enamel could start to accumulate bacterial deposits that could foster a cavity in the already compromised tooth.

The severity of the damage to the tooth will determine the treatment method Dr. Lee F. Peterson recommends. It might call for him to repair the tooth with a dental filling.

If a large amount of tooth enamel has been damaged or the biting surface has been significantly distressed he might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown.

This type of dental restoration is designed to replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a nearly perfect replica cast from porcelain, gold, or an alloy of base metals. The dental crown will need to be created in a dental lab before it can be cemented in place with a special dental adhesive.

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