A Guide To the American Dental Association

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Have you ever been walking down the oral health aisle at the grocery store, and have seen products labeled with an “ADA Seal of Approval?” You’ve probably seen it a ton more than you realize – it’s everywhere. But few people know what the ADA stands for, or why their seal of approval is so important.

So let’s take a moment to gain some more knowledge as we look at what the ADA is, what its seal means, and why it should matter to you.

What is it?
The American Dental Association is the professional association for all dental professionals in North America. If your dentist isn’t a member, you may want to consider switching.

Why is it important?
The ADA has certain standards and practices that, through a consensus by all members. They’re almost like minimum guidelines that dentists need to follow to deliver top-tier care. Dr. Lee F. Peterson proudly follows these standards.

What about the seal?
You know a lot of products are advertised to do something, but they never really live up to the hype? A product with the ADA seal is guaranteed to not let you down like that. In order to get the ADA seal, a product has to be proven to do what it says. If a toothpaste doesn’t remove plaque as well as it says, then it won’t get the ADA seal.

The team here at Lee F. Peterson DDS in Hanford, California, can help you find the right ADA endorsed products for you and your needs. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 559-584-8129.